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Commodore 64


Many C64 cartridge images are now supported. The images must be in the .crt file format.

Normal and also Ultimax (for the "MAX machine") cartriges are supported.

Type ID Name Examples
0 Normal Wizard of Wor, Galaxian
4 Simons Basic  
5 Ocean Terminator
8 Super Games  
15 C64 Game System  
18 Zaxxon Super Zaxxon
19 Magic Desk, Domark, HES  
  Ultimax Music Machine, Kickman


Load the cartridge via the File Library or the "Load" dialog. After loading the C64 will automatically reset and start the cartridge.

The cartridge can be removed with the eject button (see screenshot), after that the C64 has to be reseted manually.

Problems with cartridges are logged to the trace window.

CRT File Support