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This is a description of the available commands for the console of YACE64. Informations about using the console can be found here.

 For a list of all available commands call "H" within the console and call "H <command>" for a detailed help.

If the following list doesn't contain a detailed instruction, please see the help with the console.

Command List


H Help Get help for all or a specific command
Q Quit Closes the console
X Exit Exit application


D Device List List the states of a device (e.g. CIA, VIC)
DS Device Set Changes the state of a device


ML Memory List List the memory
MS Memory Set Changes the memory
MW Memory Write Writes memory into a binary file
MR Memory Read Read memory from a binary file
M Memory Changes/shows some settings


P Pause Stop CPU emidiently or with conditions
PC Pause Clear Clear one or all pause conditions
S Step Continue running CPU for the given number of CPU command
R Run Continue running CPU
RE Reset Reset
BS Breakpoint set Set a breakpoint or action condition
BL Breakpoint list List all breakpoints
BC Breakpoint clear Clears a breakpoint
BE Breakpoint enable Enables a breakpoint
BD Breakpoint disable Disable a breakpoint
BW Breakpoint write Write breakpoints and symbols to a file


AL Assembly List Disassembles a memory content
AS Assembly Set Assembles to memory
AW Assembly Write Disassembles a memory content to a file
AR Assembly Read Assembles to memory from a file
ASS Assembly Symbol Set Set address label and comment
ASL Assembly Symbol List List address labels and comments


SET Set Set various console settings
GET Get Get various console settings
TL Trace List List the tracelevel for systems and modules
TS Trace Set Set the tracelevel for a system and module


ECHO Print a text to console
CALL Execute a batchfile in the console
SNAPSHOT Save screenshots
SPEED Changes the emulation speed
KEYS Send key strokes
NTSC Switch to NTSC timing
PAL Switch to PAL timing
REC Record Video, Midi or State
STOP Stop Video, Midi or State recording
LOAD Load programs, discs, states, recordings, ...  
SAVE Save programs, discs, states  

Command Reference


KEYS <Text> [Wait]


Send keys to keyboard.
Use upper case for normal characters.


Option to wait until all keys were send.
When computer is paused, this option will be
ignored to prevent deadlocks.

The text will be converted to cbm keys.
Use %xx as placeholder for divers keys:

%22 "
%08 STOP
%11 CRSR left
%12 CRSR right
%13 CRSR up
%14 CRSR down


KEYS "LOAD%22*%22,8:RUN%0A" Wait