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Commodore 64


The console of YACE64 has six virtual consoles for different purposes.

They work a little like the C64 basic editor - you can navigate everywhere on the screen and hitting "Return" will execute the command in the current line.
So working is much easier as with a pure command line.
The "Insert" key lets you toggle insert/override mode. Text can be selected with the mouse and copied with Ctrl+C and inserted with Ctrl+V,

Each virtual console persists its state when switching between them with the function keys:

F1 General purpose console, mainly for quick help
F2 Console to control the C64
F3 Console to control the 1541 drive 8
F4 Console to control the 1541 drive 9
F5 The Tracing Console
F6 The Debug Console

The C64 and 1541 consoles can also be accessed remote via telnet.

Here the function of the first four consoles are described:


Every command executes on a given context - this is the device (C64, 1541-8, 1541-9).

The context is shown in the prompt:

C> Command will work on the C64
8> Command will work on floppy disc drive 8
9> Command will work on floppy disc drive 9

The following will list the RAM memory for the C64:

C> ML RAM $0000 16
ms $0000 $ff $ff $00 $aa $b1 $91 $b3 $22 $00 $00 $00 $4c $00 $00 $00 $04

The next will list the RAM memory of the 1541 device 8:

8> ML RAM $0000 16
ms $0000 $0f $01 $01 $0f $01 $00 $00 $00 $09 $05 $09 $11 $12 $00 $12 $00

You can get help with the "H" or "?" command. Without any parameter "H" will list all available command with a short description.
Enter "H" followed with the command will give an extend help for this command. (E.g. "? ms")

The "CALL" command lets you execute commands in a text file. The commands are then executed in the context of the CALL command.
So it is a good idear to prefix each command line in the textfile with the target context.


For a detailed help call "H <command>" or see the Command Reference