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The 3D mode puts a transformation based on a template file to each pixel of the output. Each pixel can be transformed into 3D space. The result is a completly new view to old C64 games, which is most impressive in combination with a stereoscopic view device. See short demos on You Tube. The 3D view has an optional smooth mode.

3D view Normal View
Advanced Pinball 3D Advanced Pinball Normal

The 3D mode can be reached my stepping through the views with the F9 key or selecting the view in the sidebar.

YACE64 3D mode


A template can be loaded via file library or the 3D template toolbar. A changed template can be saved in the toolbar.

To edit a template switch to the views with F9 - you'll notice the edit view on the text overlay in the upper left corner:
Template 3D editor

Hitting F10 you'll get a short keyboard help:
Template 3D editor help

With the Shift + "Page up" and "Page down" you can step through the 4 layers:

In each layer you can now insert one or more transformation group with the "Insert" key and step through them with the  "Page up" and "Page down" keys.

The part of the layer for this group can be selected with the cursor keys (+ shift for the top/left corner, without shift for the bottom/right corner).

Each transformation group can now be transformed in the following ways:

The value can then be changed with the + and - key.

Template 3D editor group view
Selected layer and group is color inverted

Don't forget to save your template!

Extended Attributes

There are some attributes that can not be set with the editor, but edit with a normal texteditor:

name Gives the transformation group a name, that is shown in the editor
transColor1, transColor2 Set one or two colors as invisible for a layer
-1 = Not transparent
0..15 = VIC color index
xScale1, xScale2 Start and end of a scaling factor for a transformation group from left to right
yScale1, yScale2 Start and end of a scaling factor for a transformation group from botom to top


The generated stereoscopic output could then look like this:
Stereoscopic Pitstop 2

This can be viewed with VR, Shutter or Cyan/Red glasses. Watch this sample on YouTube. The Pitstop 2 3D template is available here.