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Commodore 64


The Scripteditor lets you automate several task, like creating screenshots, start recordings, setting breakpoints and log levels or showing a message box.

A script can be triggered by several events like special info-events from devices (e.g. drive LED on/off), a breakpoint is reached, the VIC completed a frame a user defines button is pressed.

Open Scripteditor


Open the script editor with the edit button in the toolbar. You can now edit a new or the current script.

To activate a script push the "Activate" button in the toolbar and to deactivate (unload) the "Stop" button. Depending on yout script there are up to three user buttons in the toolbar to trigger an action in the script.

Within the script sceleton you can put your script logic into the given callback functions. You can use the combo boxes in the upper toolbar to see and insert new objects and actions.

The scripting reference can be found here.

Script Editor



Scripting reference can be found here.