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The Commodore 64 3D and VR Emulator

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Commodore 64


The VR mode uses the 3D mode and puts all into a virtual reality. Creating 3D scene is explained in the Tutorials.


The VR mode has to be started with the -vr parameter.

It should be compatible with all OpenVR devices like HTC vive, Oculus and MS Mixed Reality with OpenVR of steam (https://steamcommunity.com/steamvr).
I could only test it with the HTC vive so far. Using other devices needs to change the controller input bindings, I only deliver bindings for the HTC vive.

There are several options and features I'll explain later, when the featureset is complete.

Until then just have a closer look at the following videos. You may subscribe to my little youtube channel or follow me on facebook to be uptodate.


VR version of pool billiard

VR version of Nucleo 447 with LUA scripting, note the player is attached to the spaceship and the gearing is smooth now!

VR version of Nucleo 447